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Here tradition meets modernity and elegance is redefined. We are dedicated to crafting exquisite ensembles that reflect the rich heritage and timeless beauty of Indian fashion. India’s diverse culture and history serve as an endless source of inspiration for our designs. We draw from the country’s cultural mosaic to craft pieces that are not just clothing but stories woven with threads of tradition. while infusing it with contemporary aesthetics, creating a harmonious blend that speaks to the modern, discerning woman.  

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Disha Patani in our Black Corset Gown Set
Rakul Preet Singh in our Black pleated Gown Set


Immerse yourself in the enchanting saga of “Modern Jaipur Tales,” a collection inspired by the majestic City Palace. With stunning lehengas and sarees adorned in intricate zari embroidery and dazzling mirror work, each piece narrates the rich heritage of Jaipur in style.